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Bionomics is dedicated to providing professional cost effective turnkey services for the safe and secure removal and disposal of radioactive and mixed wastes. Our services include:

• packaging
• replacement supplies
• brokerage

• transportation
• processing
• disposal


First Waste Shipment to Texas

We at Bionomics are extremely proud to be the first company to have established contracts and certifications that allowed us to be the very first to make a shipment of low level radioactive waste to the recently opened WCS Texas Compact Facility in Andrews, Texas.

The following is from the WCS Press Release

“ANDREWS, Texas (April 27, 2012) – William J. Lindquist, CEO of Waste Control Specialists LLC (“WCS”), a subsidiary of Valhi, Inc. (NYSE:  VHI), announced today that the first shipment of low-level radioactive waste, received from Bionomics Inc., has been safely disposed of in the Texas Compact Facility.

While this first step is important, Bionomics is continuing to work with WCS, the Texas regulatory bodies TCEQ and DSHS and the Texas Compact Commission to ensure that small generators from outside of Texas and Vermont have access to the burial site.  Many of our clients have sealed sources and other Class B and C wastes for which Texas is the only legitimate disposal option. The Importation process is ongoing and space will be limited.  

For announcement regarding the first Texas shipment click here.

We offer support services related to the handling and disposition of radioactive and mixed wastes materials including Waste Management and Health Physics.

For over 20 years we have provided services to generators large and small, from Texas to Maine, the Dakotas to Florida, and points in between.

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