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Bionomics provides turnkey services for the Removal and Disposal of Radioactive and Mixed Wastes. This includes packaging, brokerage, transportation, processing and disposal. Founded in 1988 we have grown into one of the largest service companies in our field. We are located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and are able to efficiently service a majority of the country.

Bionomics changed the industry by eliminating the warehousing of wastes and instead consolidates loads and sends the materials directly on to the processing and disposal facilities. This not only reduced costs, but also reduced liabilities associated with the transportation and storage of the wastes. Bionomics maintains control by using our own trucks and driver/technicians in the transportation of hazardous and radioactive wastes.
Bionomics has always taken a conservative approach when dealing with locations and methods used to process and dispose of the LLRW and mixed wastes generated by our customers. This conservative approach is borne out of years of experience with the inner workings of processing and disposal facilities. We believe the approach has enabled both our customers and us to avoid problems plagued by others.
Reducing Liabilities
Bionomics has stringent requirements when dealing with processing and disposal companies and deal only with those facilities that have demonstrated financial stability and regulatory compliance. We have long standing relationships with Duratek/EnergySolutions in Oak Ridge, Chem-Nuclear/EnergySolutions at Barnwell, EnergySolutions in Utah, Perma-Fix in Florida, DSSI and M&EC in Tennessee and US Ecology in Richland.